Visiting the 20th Festival of Chaumont sur Loire

Chaumont is a priority destination for fans of the Art of Gardens, of its Center of Art and Nature, and of the famous International Competition held annually, which emblematizes superior research and higt quality in the domain of design creativity, as well as excellent technical skill in the shaping phase.
The theme proposed this year is “GARDENS IN THE EVENING OR THE JOY ART OF BIODIVERSITY”. The prestigious jury has selected 20 projects among the many received from all over the world, which have been later realized.
In this edition of the Competition only one Italian team has been selected, consisting of architect Matteo Pernigo and landscape architect Claudio Benna, members of the Paduan studio panGEA PROGETTI, for the project of the garden “Le jardin pixelisé”, realized in collaboration with F.lli Berti of Cervarese S. Croce (Padua).