About us – vc

Shaping the space as you wish



The Paduan Studio „Pangea Progetti“ is a researching and evolving enterprise of two architects: Matteo Pernigo and Mirta Fiori.

The team benefits from the collaboration of jung professionals as well as experienced partners to cover all design aspects.

Pangea Progetti is driven by passion and creativity, and is committed to shape and realise your dream.


Pangea was created in 2006 as associate endeavor of landscaping, and it evolved in 2012 to include architecture.


Pangea is located in Padua, Italy and acts mainly on the Italian territory, in particular on the Venetian region. Nevertheless, it is proud of its several international experiences in landscaping, especially in the Mead East and East Europe.


Pangea is an associate Studio of two professionals working in two areas, Architecture and Landscape/Greenery Design.


Planning and realisation of:

  • Houses and house complexes
  • Buildings and multi-functional structures for business, industrial, and religious use
  • Interior design and decor


Landscaping, design and realisation of:

  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Street furniture as banches, light sources, equipment
  • Private gardens
  • Restoration of historical sites
  • Organisation of landscape/greenery events: Flash Mob, trade fairs, training and educational conventions, consultancy

Our mission

Re-discover the origins, start from the essential and natural, study the history, development and changes to produce architecture and gardens in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Why us?

We listen to and are in continuous dialogue with our customers, we pay attention to market, innovation and changes, we are up-to-date on technical and regulatory aspects, and we take care of the ecological sustainability of our proposed solutions to match your comfort.

We combine technological innovation and antique techniques, as well as the use of tesed, natural and ecological materials.

Our Studio takes care of the design phase in detail and also follows-up carefully during the construction phase. It requires passion, love and competence to realise such important dreams as building or restoring a house, as shaping a park or a green area.

Our vision is to aesthetically integrate any structure into the embedding environment and landscape, to strengthen and enhance the final result as well as to protect and respect the surrounding environment.

By unifying different specific competencies, we are able to offer superior professionalism and versatility.

Our Values

Pangea intends to be a competent, reliable and dynamic Studio. Open to the needs of the customers, it also able to guide any achitectural choice, in order to achieve the desired and, at the same time, a lasting outcome.